The more time I spend in the world the more I find myself seeking and returning to places that see humans as more than expendable customers, capital, and labor. Certain places seem to be beacons for creative and kind humans and its important to look at what makes them so and to log and support the great ones.

People who deal with it well:

The Treastises:

The thing is I’ve never really worked traditionally anywhere. A first job at a bullshit SEO company and Yellow Page publisher in downtown Chicago. A few times and small startups. A couple months at is a community manager role that cleverly disguised its true business development leanings before it became Groupon. I went and lived off my parents while trying to figure out how I wanted to approach life, a luxury I know, tried and failed several times to start a company I was okay with. Founded Jelly Chicago consulted with another failed startup and ended up trying to write kids books and starting a map co. But I’m still looking for interesting communities and clusters, there has to be a better way to mix corporate and community than what we’re doing now ruining great things by trying to squeeze dollars out of them for investors. Kicksters has show us that if you tell your community about your profit motive upfront they’ll understand and accept it but if you start springing things on them later on they’ll rebel as their service inevitably gets worse and the thing they’ve come to love withers and dies.